No.19 Earl Grey & Lavender

Our house-blend Earl Grey & Lavender tea is a divine taste combination designed to utterly flirt with your senses.


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Earl Grey & Lavender Black Tea

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Health Benefits

Lavender is well-known for its relaxing properties & the scent of bergamot is uplifting. This tea is a good choice to help you feel good & positive. Naturally contains caffeine & tannins. 


How We Like It

We pour freshly boiled water over the tea leaves & add fresh mint! The fresh mint works so well with our Earl Grey & Lavender blend.


IngredientsBlack tea from China scented with bergamot oil from from Italy before being mixed with Lavender seeds grown in France. 
100% organic.

Leaf Form
 Full leaf. Silver tippy.
Origin: Black Tea -China, Bergamot Oil -Italy & Lavender- France.


Caffeine: Medium to High

Tannins: Yes.  


Brewing Advice

Take a well-heaped scoop of loose tea per cup (1.7g) & brew in freshly boiled water for 3-4 minutes. Go one step further & throw in some fresh mint leaves! 

The Story Behind The Tea

Earl Grey Tea & the scent of Lavender have been connected to aristocrats & english Royalty since the 19th Century. Those who could afford it, drank Earl Grey Tea & lavender was used for almost everything from cleaning floors to scenting linens. 


The peacock has been a symbol of wealth, beauty & rebirth since ancient times and it was not uncommon to see them strutting their beautiful shiny lavender-blue coloured feathers around in perfectly landscaped gardens.