No.18 Earl Grey Black Tea (Organic)

A full-flavoured aromatic tea. The taste of bergamot citrus fruit has an uplifting effect while the deep taste of the black tea keeps you grounded. From the moment you smell the tea leaves to the final sip, you are lost in the delicious aroma of Italian bergamot.

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Organic Earl Grey Black Tea

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Health Benefits

Black tea has been recently reported to be very good for the health of teeth! So this tea will keep your dentist happy. The caffeine content is medium & will give a mild boost to your day. 


How We Like It
Earl Grey is a popular tea in the western world and sits comfortably amongst English Breakfast & Ceylon. It is a great tea to get a boost first thing in the morning & is refreshing at any time of day. We find this tea really works well with a breakfast involving an egg & with sweet desserts. 


Leaf Form: Full leaf. Silver tippy.
Origin: China

Organic: Yes


Caffeine: Medium

Tannins: Yes


Brewing Advice

Take a well-heaped scoop (1,7g) & brew in freshly boiled water for 4 minutes. 

The Story Behind The Tea

Earl Grey is said to be named after Earl Charles Grey. He was the second Earl Grey & the Prime Minister of England between 1830-1834. There are two popular stories around this tea's name.

One story goes that Charles Grey saved the son's life of a Chinese tea blender who then created Earl Grey tea as a token of gratitude.

Another story is that Charles Grey commissioned a Chinese gentleman tea merchant to create a tea blend to suit the water at Howick Hall in Northumberland. 


Tea was the choice beverage in those time by those who could afford it and Earl Grey became the choice of the aristocrats.