No.20 English Breakfast

A smooth classic. A blend of Ceylonese highland aromatic Assam & Java leaf.


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English Breakfast Black Tea

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Health Benefits

Black tea is recently recommended as a beverage that can support the health of teeth. The caffeine content is mild & will give a mild boost to your morning. Naturally contains tannins. 


Blend: Assam & Java Leaf
Leaf Form
 Full leaf
Origin: Sri Lanka


Caffeine: Medium

Tannins: Yes


How We Like It

This blend is chosen for it's smooth, non-bitter qualities. Despite its smoothness, this tea can stand up to a splash of milk if desired - and we like our english breakfast tea with a splash of milk :)


Brewing Advice

Take a well-heaped scoop of loose tea per person (1,7g) & brew in boiled water for 4 minutes.

The Story Behind The Tea

Back in the 1800's, a certain type of tea was gaining such popularity in England it gained the name 'English Breakfast'. The first version of this tea is believed to have originated in the Bohea hills of northern Fujian Province in China but it wasn't until it became a staple export from the United States to England that it was given its name. For English Breakfast to be called English Breakfast, the tea has to have a specific colour, flavour & aroma. 


For centuries, this tea has been a staple of the British breakfast routine. Despite the popularity of other tea types increasing, English Breakfast remains one of the most consumed teas in the west.