No.7 Jasmine Chung Hao

Jasmine tea is a refreshing drink with the wonderful aroma of jasmine. Loved for its soft floral and light taste. Fine green tea leaves have been rested with Jasmine flowers to absorb the jasmine scent. 


  €0,17 cents per cup. Re-infuse tea leaves up to 2 times. 

Jasmine Green Tea

€ 6,10

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Health Benefits

The aroma of Jasmine is said to have similar relaxing properties to Lavender. Green tea is a natural source of anti-oxidants to support the body's immune system & is well known for its anti-ageing properties. Naturally contains tannins.  


How We Like It

With all green teas, water temperature & timing is crucial. We add a spoonful of cold water to the cup, then pour the freshly boiled water into the cup before placing the tea leaves in. This way we know that the boiled water has reduced in temperature so that the green tea doesn't get burnt & cause a bitter taste. Then, when the timer goes off, we take the leaves out but we don't throw the tea leaves out straight away! We put them to the side ready to enjoy up to 3 more cups made later in the day.

Origin: China
Name: Chung Hao
Leaf Form: Full leaf & twisted. Orange Pekoe.

Caffeine: Medium

Tannins: Yes


Brewing Advice

Take a heaped scoop of loose tea per person (1,7g) & brew in 
cooled boiled water (around 80 degrees)
 for 2-3 minutes. 

The Story Behind The Tea

Jasmine green tea has been mentioned since the times of the South Song dynasty (960-1270). Jasmine Green Tea was the jewel in all of China's scented teas & in former times, was reserved only for the Chinese Imperial Court. Botanists of those times imported the Jasmine bush from Persia. 


Nowadays in north China, serving Jasmine Tea to guests is the sign of a warm welcome.