Chamomile & Lemony Herbs

The classic chamomile taste given an extra refreshing lift with added organic lemon verbena & lemon balm herbs.


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Chamomile Herbal Tea

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Health Benefits

Chamomile is known for its calming effect & can help towards
a better nights sleep. 


How We Like It

The lemon verbena lifts the chamomile taste & makes it more refreshing so we like this tea in the afternoons. It hydrates which gives energy and helps relieve stress on busy days.



Chamomile flower buds, organic lemon verbena & organic lemon balm. 


Caffeine free



Brewing Advice

Take a well-heaped scoop (0,4g) & brew in boiled water for 5+ minutes. 

The Story of Chamomile Tea
The name Chamomile comes from the Greek word meaning "ground apple." Its history dates back to ancient Egypt, where Chamomile tea was prescribed as a cold remedy.


The Romans enjoyed it as a beverage, as well as an incense. Ironically, the name "Roman Chamomile" by which it is sometimes known, does not stem from this time. It rather comes from an arbitrary naming of the herb in the 19th Century by a botanist who happened to find some growing in the Roman Coliseum.