No.27 Elderberry & Rhubarb

A rooibos blend inspired by the perfect summer's day. Tangy rhubarb pieces & real elderberries mixed with high quality great tasting rooibos decorated with heather blossoms, rose & elderflower petals.


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€ 5,00

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Health Benefits

The great thing with natural fruit teas is that they are not overly sweet and still have all the benefits which can be found in the raw form of the fruit used, such as Vitamin C. There is no added sugar, as all the sweetness comes from the natural sugars contained in the fruits.  


How We Like It

We like it hot in the spring & iced in the summer.
Pouring just boiled water directly over the tea & letting it brew for definitely more than 5 minutes. The longer the brewing time, the better with this tea.


No sugars or artificial flavouring.

Rooibos, elderberries, heather blossoms, rhubarb pieces, rose petals, natural elderberry flavouring & elderberry blossoms. 



Caffeine Free

A very small amount naturally found in rooibos.


Brewing Advice

Take a well-heaped scoop of loose tea (1,8g) & brew in boiled water for 5+ minutes.