No.13 Japan Matcha Genmaicha

A very healthy tea high in anti-oxidants. The lime coloured cup reveals a light, roasted note. Gentle, slightly sweet, nutty & has hints of caramel.  


  €0,34 cents per cup. Re-infuse x 2

Japan Matcha Genmaicha Green Tea

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What makes Matcha Genmaicha a specialty?

This tea is made from combining two highly popular tea sorts originating in Japan. Matcha is made from grinding specially grown & processed green tea leaves.  The tea leaves are stone-ground to a fine powder through the use of specially designed granite stone mills. Matcha, which can be enjoyed on its own, has been specially blended with the popular Japan Genmaicha green tea to create a vibrant nutty healthy beverage. 

Health Benefits

Matcha is a major health boosting tea. It contains higher concentration of anti-oxidants than the whole leaf, un-ground, green teas. A great choice for when you need to focus.


How We Like It

This tea is very sensitive so very important not to burn it with boiling hot water. We put 2 spoonfuls of cold water in the cup, then pour in the just boiled water before placing the leaves into the water. No more than 2 minutes is needed, any longer and the taste could be ruined. We like to re-infuse the leaves up to 2 times.


Form: Classic Japanese Sencha & Matcha Powder
Origin: Japan

Ingredients: Green tea & roasted peeled rice.


Caffeine: High. Good for focus.

Tannins: Yes


Brewing Advice

Take a level tea spoon (2.2g) & brew in cooled boiled water, 75 degrees, for 1-3 minutes. This tea can be re-infused up to 2 times.

The Story Behind The Name
Genmaicha. Genmai is an unpolished, brown rice. Genmai grains are roasted & mixed with tea leaves to produce Genmai-cha. This tea is also known as the 'people's tea'. Originally the rice was added to green tea to make it affordable to poorer people. The rice acted as a filler which lowered the price of the tea.

Matcha. Literally means 'powdered tea'. Matcha green tea is unique because it’s grown in the shade which increases its chlorophyll content - the component in plants that make them green.