No.6 Jasmine Dragon Pearls

A beautiful green tea infused with the scent from real jasmine flowers before being hand rolled into perfect round tea pearls.


  €0,20 cents per cup. Re-infuse tea leaves up to 5 times.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea

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What makes Jasmine Dragon Pearls a specialty?
It is at dusk when the jasmine flowers open releasing their scent which becomes absorbed by the tea pearls that are laid just above. This is not a quick or easy process & can take up to 6 nights. Each morning the flowers are replenished with fresh ones and this is repeated until the desired result is achieved. A beautiful green tea infused with the scent of real jasmine flowers. 

Health Benefits

The scent of Jasmine is said to lift the spirits & have similar relaxing properties to Lavender. Mixed with the anti-oxidant & anti-ageing properties of green tea, this tea is a winner for all round health of the mind & body. 


How We Like It

With all green teas, water temperature & timing is crucial. We add a spoonful of cold water to the cup, then pour the freshly boiled water into the cup before placing the tea leaves in. When the timer goes off, we take the leaves out but we don't throw the tea leaves out straight away! We put them to the side ready to enjoy up to 5 more cups made later in the day.


Form: Hand Rolled into Pearls

Origin: Fujian Province, China


Caffeine: Medium

Tannins: Yes


Brewing Advice

Take 4-5 pearls per cup (1.2g) & briefly place the pearls under running water (which will help the leaves unfurl better during brewing). Brew in cooled boiled water, around 80-85 degrees, for 2-3 minutes. You can re-infuse the pearls up to 5 times. 

The Story Behind The Tea

This tea has a memorable name & the legend involves a real dragon!  As with many legends, there are different versions but this one is our favourite.


A sister went on a journey to save her young brother's life. She had heard rumours about a mystical dragon that helped people in need so she decided to find this dragon.

In the nearby mountains she found a cave that was surrounded by fragrant jasmine plants. This is where she found the mystical dragon & the rumours were true. After hearing her story the dragon flew up into the sky where a pearl formed on the dragon's chest. This pearl was a tiny droplet of water which fell to the ground where suddenly a tea bush sprouted.


The dragon told the girl to make a hot drink using the leaves from the tea bush & Jasmine flowers then give it to her brother to drink. She did this & her brother was cured.