No.1 Pai Mu Tan

An effortlessly elegant floral organic white tea with subtle grassy tones. 


  €0,09 cents per cup. Re-infuse tea leaves up to 2 times.

Pai Mu Tan White Tea

€ 6,75

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What makes Pai Mu Tan a specialty?

Pai Mu Tan is a rare specialty from the province of Fujian China, that increased in popularity in the 1920s. Like other teas, Pai Mu Tan is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis but it comes from two specific tea bushes called the Chaicha or Narcissus tea bush also known as 'White Peony'. The leaves are plucked only in the Spring time & are young so you will see white hairs (silver downy) still on the leaves.  


White tea is very often called 'true tea' because of the few steps involved in the process. After picking, the leaves are laid to dry naturally under the sun.  

Health Benefits

Recently the western cosmetic industry have found the properties of white tea to have a detoxifying effect on the skin.  Like green tea, white tea has a high level of anti-oxidants to boost the immune system & fight the ageing process. 


How We Like It

We enjoy this tea most in the afternoon. It is a refreshing tea so it helps boost the energy levels. It is very important to make sure we brew the leaves in cooled hot water otherwise we would get a bitter tea. We put two spoons of cold water in the cup before pouring in the freshly boiled water. Then we place the tea leaves in and brew for no longer than 2 minutes.


Form: Naturally Dried

Origin: China


Caffeine: Mild

Tannins: Yes


Brewing Advice

Take a heaped teaspoon of tea leaves (0,7g per cup) & brew for 1-3 minutes in slightly cooled boiled water. The leaves can be re-infused up to

2 times.


The Story Behind The Name
Pai Mu Tan is also called Bai Mu Dan in China. The english translation is White Peony. It is one of the most famous white teas produced in the province of Fujian, China.