No.16 Thyolo Moto Smoked Black Tea [Organic]

An award-winning smooth african smoked black tea from Malawi.

This is a smooth & well-balanced smoky black tea. The aroma from the Guava wood hits first and is followed by a smooth, sweet-toned & aromatic tastes which can be enjoyed until the last drop. It is well-balanced & an enjoyable black tea we recommend to those who enjoy a full-tasting tea.  


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Thyolo Moto (Smoked) Black Tea

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What makes Thyolo Moto a specialty?

Thyolo Moto is a hand-picked specialty that is later smoked with Guava smoking wood. In September last year, this tea won the Gourmet Food & Wine Selection 2017. The Satemwa Tea Estate is awarded with Fair-Trade, UTZ, Rainforest & Ethical Tea Partnership certifications. 

Health Benefits

Black tea has been recently reported to be very good for the health of teeth! So this tea will keep your dentist happy. The caffeine content is medium & will give a mild boost to your day. Naturally contains tannins. 


FormHand-picked. Full twisted leaf
Smoked: Guava Wood
Origin: Malawi

Tea Estate: Satemwa


Caffeine: Medium

Tannins: Yes


How We Like It

Outdoors when camping & the sun is just going down. Or at night with a glass of whiskey. We pour the just boiled water into the cup first and then place the tea leaves into the water brewing for around 4 minutes.


Brewing Advice

Take a small-heaped scoop of loose tea per cup (1.5g) & brew in cooled, boiled water (around 95 degrees) for 3-4 minutes. The leaves can be re-infused once more.

The Story Behind The Tea

The tea leaves are from the Thyolo cultivar of the Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant) & has been named after the local city & district of Thyolo. Moto translates as fire.