No.10 White Monkey

A stunning spring harvested green tea of the top two leaves & bud that have been skilfully plucked by hand. This specialty is delicate & refreshing. It has natural subtle honey-like tones making it a great green tea for any time of the day, all year round.


  €0,17 cents per cup. Re-infuse tea leaves up to 2 times.

White Monkey Green Tea

€ 7,75

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What makes White Monkey a specialty?
The tea leaves are skilfully picked by hand early in the spring (& only in the springtime) when the new buds are closed and white hairs (silver downy) still coat the young leaves. Only the top two leaves & the bud from the top of the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) are plucked ensuring a fine cup of green tea.


Health Benefits

Green tea is a natural source of anti-oxidants to support the body's immune system & is well known for its anti-ageing properties. The caffeine content is medium & will give a mild boost to your day. Naturally contains tannins. 


How We Like It

With all green teas, water temperature & timing is crucial. We add a spoonful of cold water to the cup, then pour the freshly boiled water into the cup before placing the tea leaves in. When the timer goes off, we take the leaves out but we don't throw the tea leaves out straight away! We put them to the side ready to enjoy up to 2 more cups made later in the day.


Form: Hand Picked - Top 2 leaves & bud
Harvested: Early Spring

Origin: Fujian, China


Caffeine: Medium

Tannins: Yes


Brewing Advice

Take a well-heaped scoop of loose tea per cup (1,2g) & brew in cooled boiled water (around 85 degrees) for 2-3 minutes. Re-infuse tea leaves up to 2 times.

The Story Behind The Tea

It is said that White Monkeys were trained to climb up the mountain & carefully pluck the leaves in a time when tea pluckers were not able to climb high enough into the Fujian Mountains. The monkeys would bring their harvest down to the tea master who created this specialty tea every year in springtime. Nowadays this tea is plucked by experienced people who carefully take only the bud and top 2 leaves of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant.